Chanse’s Chef’s Table | October 2015

 Chanse’s Chef’s Table – October 2015

DSC06496Hey everyone,

Thanks to this pretty lady here, Jenn, I was able to attend October’s Chanse’s Chefs Table. This fun and intimate event brings local foodies together for a night of creative, unique, and flavorful courses. The event is hosted by Chef Chanse who did a great job keeping the courses coming. It was a great experience where I met new people from the Tampa bay area including other bloggers. Below I have a group picture of the attendees as well as the food and a brief description. Please try not to drool and go give Chef Chanse’s Facebook page a like so that you can join in on the fun next time.

“Food is the language we all speak.” – Anonymous




Crostini w/ duck prosciutto, caviar, figs, cheese, yellow chives.

Crostini w/ duck prosciutto, caviar, figs, cheese, yellow chives.Crostini w/ duck prosciutto, caviar, figs, cheese, yellow chives.

This dish was probably the best surprise of the night. I have never tasted caviar before, however, it had this small but nice jelly texture and flavor that was really great. I also enjoyed the slight tangy-ness that it had.


Oyster bisque: fresh oysters, shellfish-based broth with a hint of saffron, topped with grilled oyster mushrooms and a drizzle of pistachio oil.

Oyster bisqueOyster bisque

Oyster is another food that I have never tried before. However, it was the one that I was the most nervous about. It had a slimy texture as I expected but the actual flavor wasn’t too bad. I may need to give it a few more tries to decide if I like it or not. Everyone else seemed to really enjoy it.


  Warm cauliflower salad: cauliflower steak grilled and accompanied with  arugula, assorted radishes, chives, and pureed cauliflower sauce, topped with honey lemon butter dressing.

Warm cauliflower saladWarm cauliflower salad

This dish was very tasty. My favorite part was the honey lemon better dressing. I also liked that the cauliflower was served warm.


 Quail stuffed with mushrooms: roasted organic quail stuffed with chanterelle mushrooms and spinach, accompanied by white asparagus.

Quail stuffed with mushroomsQuail stuffed with mushrooms Quail stuffed with mushrooms

This dish was really fun to try. Not only did it feel like I was eating a whole baby chicken, but the taste was pretty great. Chef also stuffed it with mushrooms and spinach which were delicious. I also really enjoyed the white asparagus. Was I the only one that didn’t know that asparagus also came in white?


Grilled ribeye served with miso peppercorn sauce. Roasted acorn squash with balsamic vinegar, spices, and olive oil. Sautéed broccolini with white wine and garlic. Salted, roasted fingerling potatoes with tons of garlic and butter

Grilled ribeye served with miso peppercorn sauce

This was so good! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the brocolini as it was a bit bitter, but the steak, acorn squash, and potatoes were to die for. I really need to learn how to cook this!


Raspberry creme brûlée topped with sugar-dusted cranberry and mint leaf.

 Raspberry creme brûlée Raspberry creme brûlée

One word. Amazing!

Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoyed this fun evening and I also enjoyed getting to share it with you all. Till next time,


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  1. Natasha B says:

    Hey Eneida,

    It was a pleasure meeting you. It was an amazing evening! Great write-up. Hoping to see you at the next chef table.

  2. Eneida says:

    Same here!! It was great meeting you. Thanks for the read!

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